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With our expertise in placing dentures, Silver Firs Dental Services helps to restore your smile.

 What are Dentures?

Losing a tooth due to an accident or decay can be disheartening as it spoils the whole smile on the face. But unlike the days in the past, you can get back your teeth and flaunt that beautiful smile of yours.

 In situations like these, dentures can be a great help for you! It replaces the missing tooth part and fills the gap. Modern dentures are made in such a way that it gives the most authentic look and keeps your smile natural. Dentures not just help you in bringing back the lost smile on your face, but it also helps in maintaining the alignment of your bite and prevents other teeth from tilting.

 These Dentures are of two type’s - partial dentures and complete dentures. Partial dentures are used for patients who have lost some teeth, and complete dentures are used for the ones who have lost all of their teeth.  

Denture Placement Procedure

After the initial checkups and reviews, the dentist will tale your gum impressions,  shape, size, and shade of the tooth to the dental laboratory for manufacturing the dentures. 

Within the next appointment, you will receive a mockup of your denture made according to the measures and impression took during the last sitting. If it is fit and comfortable, it is sent back for making the original denture. If not, you may have to take some more sittings to find the right denture.

Then the dentist will place hard, natural teeth colored dentures made in an acrylic base, replacing the missing teeth or filling the gaps.

Benefits of Dentures

Some of the benefits of getting treated for Dentures are listed below:

  • Dentures do not slip away when you do any mechanical work like eating, chewing, or laughing. 
  • They will help you improve the pronunciation of words. 
  • Endorses bone strength beneath your teeth. 
  • Sticks to the place and does not slip away.
  • Help you give the brightest smile. 

How much do dentures cost?

The cost of dentures depends on the oral health condition of the patients and can differ from patient to patient. Give us a call to schedule an appointment or to know more about the pricing details. 

Why Silver Firs Dental Services For Dentures?

Silver Firs Dental Services has been working in this industry for quite a long time, and our dentist houses a wealth of experience with them. We make the process of denture placement easy, smooth, and at the same time, painless.  


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