What Is a Head and Neck Exam?

Posted by SILVER FIRS DENTAL on Apr 13 2022, 05:34 AM

The fundamental part of the standard physical examination is the examination of the head and neck. It is performed with a patient in a seated position and is typically one of the first parts of the physical examination.  

The examination is usually tailored to the patient's conditions and stated complaint. It is because the examination is lengthy enough. A differential diagnosis and treatment plan are generated for the patient by the dentist. It is dependent on the physical assessment along with the patient’s medical history. 

The Importance of Head and Neck Examination 

The cancers that develop in the larynx, throat, mouth, nose, and sinuses can be termed head and neck cancers. These cancers are difficult to detect at home; therefore, it is important to schedule regular health appointments. This allows the dentist to check for any warning signs of cancer like sores, lumps, swelling, sore throat, pain when chewing or swallowing, and white or red patches. 

To evaluate the risk of oral cancer, the dentist performs an examination of the head and neck. The dentist checks the patient's head, jaw, and neck for any abnormalities. Not only is it important for the prevention of head and neck cancer, but it also helps give the patient peace of mind.  

To catch any signs of oral cancer early, it is important to conduct a head and neck examination every six months. The patient has a higher chance of survival after the treatment if the diagnosis was made early. 

How Is Head and Neck Examination Performed?

The dentist first examines the patient's nose, lips, thyroid, and neck. The dentist with both their hands would gently feel the area under the patient's jaw and the side of their neck. It is done to detect any signs of cancer. 

After examining the outer body part, the dentist would ask the patient to open their mouth. It is done to inspect the oral tissues including the tonsils, and back of the throat. The dentist looks for any signs of swelling or any abnormal texture.

The dentist would also check the floor and roof of the patient's mouth. To check for lumps or sensitivity, the dentist gently presses against the insides of the patient's lips and cheeks. 

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