4 Helpful Tips To Ease Dental Fear

Posted by Silver Firs Dental on Feb 11 2023, 10:24 PM

Some people are so afraid of dental visits that they won't go at all. Dental fear often develops as a child and can last into adulthood. Dental fear can have serious consequences. If you have dental fear, here are a few tips to overcome it. 

Speak up about your fears

Everyone experiences different levels of anxiety when going to the dentist. If you're feeling especially nervous about your appointment, speak up! Let your dentist know you're nervous about a procedure and ask if it can be made more relaxing for you in any way. This could include an extra layer of numbing gel for your cavity filling or having a blanket to keep you warm during your root canal. It never hurts to ask. Being open with your dentist about your anxieties can help them to better accommodate you. They want to know when you're uncomfortable so they can try to make you feel better.

Agree on a signal

You should also come up with a signal with your dental care provider that lets others in the office know that you need a break or that you're in pain and need attention. One common signal that people use is raising their hands. This lets the hygienist or dentist know that they need to stop for a few minutes while you raise your hand.

Take a trusted person with you

Having someone you trust by your side during a procedure can relieve your anxiety or fear. That person can help you relax and focus on something positive. If you aren't comfortable having someone you know in the treatment room, ask your dentist or dental staff if you can bring a loved one out to wait in the lobby. That way, you have a friend or family member nearby to help calm you down if you're feeling nervous after your procedure is complete.

Bring distractions

Bringing a distraction can be helpful during any appointment that may cause anxiety or nervousness. Distractions can be a friend, a book, a tablet, music, a movie on a smartphone, or headphones with your favorite playlist. Anything that can keep your mind off your appointment and allow you to relax is helpful. Children can be distracted by toys, games, books, or an iPad. Your dentist's office may even have TVs in the ceiling that you can tune into to distract you during your treatment. Ask your dental team if any of these options are available at your practice prior to your procedure.

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