Can You Save Your Tooth with Milk?

save tooth with milkEmergency dental visits often increase in the summer. This is because children are out of school. They spend more time in sports and other physical activities. This ultimately means more injuries where someone looses a tooth. Is it true, though, that you can save a knocked-out tooth with milk? People sometimes ask us this question after they recall reading or watching something about it.

How Milk Preserves a Knocked-Out Tooth

Do you know why milk and dairy in general is good for your teeth? Milk has a chemical makeup similar to human bone; this makes it a good temporary preservative for a dislodged tooth.

If a permanent tooth is knocked out, immediately take these steps:

1. See your family dentist right away, preferably within an hour

2. Keep the tooth in a glass of milk; use whole milk if possible

3. If milk is not available, then place the tooth back in its socket. If it’s a young child’s tooth, then place the tooth inside a cup with the child’s saliva. The most important step is to keep the tooth moist.

At the clinic, the dentist may splint the avulsed tooth back in place using a soft wire. The dentist may perform a root canal immediately or schedule one at a later date, depending on the nature of the injury.

Assuming the tooth was not fractured, its root should reattach to the bone within three to four weeks. Expect several follow-ups in the ensuing weeks; the dentist will need to check for infections. Taking these steps could prevent the need for a dental implant later down the road.

We Handle Emergency Visits

Keep our number (425)276–7572 on your fridge or in your mobile. This way, you can contact Silver Firs Family & Implant Dentistry within minutes of a dental emergency. You can save your tooth with milk, but only as long as you see an experienced dentist ASAP.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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