The Best Methods for Pulling a Baby Tooth

pulling a baby toothAll Baby teeth eventually come out naturally in due time. However, some parents may choose to pull the tooth out. Many methods are available. Our family dentists explain which ways of pulling a baby tooth pulling are safe and which ones are borderline dangerous.

The Wrong Methods for Pulling a Baby Tooth

We don’t recommend any of the old-time methods you may have heard of. This includes the popular dental floss to doorknob trick. YouTube is also full of off-the-wall DIY videos for yanking out a baby tooth. Some of these methods are totally out-of-the-box. They involve a bow and arrow, a rocket, a Nerf gun, a mini motorcycle, and even a stuffed Pokeball. Just do a YouTube search yourself to see these crazy and sometimes-viral videos.

Creative as these methods may be, we don’t recommend any of them. These tricks may be scary for a lot of adults, much less young children. We don’t advise using any methods that involve props or dental floss.

What We Advise

Here’s our helpful tip: let the tooth fall out naturally. You can also let your child remove the tooth himself using a bit of tongue-to-tooth contact.

If you decide to be involved, then we recommend a much more toned-down approach. The method is simple and direct: reach into your child’s mouth and gently wiggle the tooth until it comes out. You can also feed your child crispy foods, such as an apple or celery. The food’s hardness may be enough to dislodge the tooth.

We’ll Check Out Your Child’s Baby Tooth

Book an appointment with Osborne Square Dental if your child has a loose baby tooth. We would love for your child to meet our dentists. We can determine whether pulling a baby tooth is an appropriate step and how to do it safely if it is.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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