Natural Ways To Reduce Braces Pain

reduce braces painSome patients may feel discomfort after a braces installation or adjustment. Not to worry; the pain is often temporary and can be treated at home using a number of home remedies. Our family dentists recommend some DIY quick fixes to reduce braces pain.

5 Remedies for Reducing Braces Pain

1. Apply Anything Cold

Some ice cubes inside a baggie works for sore teeth just like it does for any other part of the body. You can also drink cold water or suck on an ice cube. Even ice cream will work. This makes for a good excuse to indulge in the frozen treat. Just keep it in moderation and rinse afterwards to wash away any sugar lingering on the teeth.

2. Gargle Salt Water

Sores may develop on the gums or cheeks as they adapt to the braces. You can reduce the irritation by swishing salt water in your mouth for 60 seconds.

3. Eat Softer Foods

Gums and teeth may be sensitive after having the braces tightened. They can become agitated when chewing hard and crunchy foods. Opt for softer foods, such as mash potatoes, apple sauce, yogurt. Anything that you can swallow with minimal chewing will be good.

4. Massage Your Gums

A gentle massage around your gums can alleviate the pain. Massage the sore area using your fingers. This helps relax the tissue if the gums are swollen.

5. Chew on a Teething Ring

Teething rings aren’t just for the tykes. Freeze a teething ring overnight, and it becomes an effective pain reliever when you gently chew on it.

An Alternative to Braces

Eliminate the discomfort altogether by choosing Invisalign instead of metal wire braces. If you already have traditional braces, then we hope our helpful tips will provide some natural relief. If the methods don’t reduce the braces pain, then contact Silver Firs Dental to have a dentist look at the sore.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Invisalign for Pain-Free Teeth Alignment

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