The Truth About DIY Braces and Gap Bands

Gap BandsThere is an alarming trend among teens and adults, but especially among the former. The trend we speak of is the fad involving DIY braces through the use of gap bands. Our general dentists emphasize that any form of DIY braces is potentially dangerous. You should avoid them all.

What Are Gap Bands?

Gap bands are miniature rubber bands that users place over an section of teeth where pronounced a gap exists. They are supposed to work like regular braces or Invisalign and gradually push the teeth inward to close the gap.

Gap bands are really popular among teens who are at an age when they’re super conscious of their appearances. They want to eliminate the gap, but don’t want to spend months wearing what they perceive to be unsightly metal braces.

Why Are Gap Bands Dangerous?

Each tooth contains living nerve and tissue that extend to the jawbone and to be held in place by the gums. This interconnectivity makes it a really delicate process to shift teeth from one position to another. Moving teeth too fast or at a wrong angle can cause serious nerve damage. Even positioning the teeth through regular braces is not a perfect process. This is why patients need to have their braces regularly checked and readjusted if need be.

There are several brands of gap bands sold online. Some claim it can fix your gap in as little as 30 days. Please bear in mind that none of these claims are true and none of the devices are ADA approved. Some people have also improvised by using elastic hair bands. Regardless, the concept of DIY braces is a bad idea altogether.

Only Have a Dentist Fix a Gap

Arrange a meeting with our dentists to discuss the options regarding braces. Silver Firs Dental nor any other reputable dental clinic will approve of DIY braces. We understand the appeal of gap bands, but the potential damage to your teeth makes them a huge risk.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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