4 Worst Christmas Drinks for Teeth

Worst Christmas DrinksLists of beverages bad for the teeth are readily available. However, we thought it’s worth compiling one of our own, since the yearend holidays are almost on us. This is the time of year when beverage manufacturers release holiday flavors and variants to get consumers to increase their consumption. Here is our own list of worst Christmas drinks for your teeth, ranked in order from worst to just “a little bad.”

Teeth-Destroying Christmas Beverages

1. Soda

Soda consumption increases during Christmas time. Beverage makers create eye-catching, holiday-inspired graphics on the can or bottle. Coca-Cola even releases bottles in the shape of an ornament ball.

Soda is bad for the obvious reason: sugar. A single 12-ounce can contains an insane 30–40 grams of high fructose corn syrup. You think diet soda is a safe alternative? Think again. Diet varieties still contain malic acid, which erodes enamel.

2. Coffee

Cafes such as Starbucks release holiday-only flavors like pumpkin spice. Regardless of the flavor, it’s still coffee loaded with sugar. Regular coffee consumption stains the teeth, dental implants, and dentures. Even Invisalign aligners are susceptible to staining. Tannins are responsible for these stains because they leave behind a yellow hue on the enamel’s surface.

3. Boba Tea

Like cafes, Boba vendors also release their own holiday specials and concoctions. Bob contains a combination of milk and tea. While the milk contains teeth-fortifying calcium and vitamin D, the tea is just as much a stainer as coffee. The drink (both the liquid and Boba balls) are also heavy in sugar.

4. Fresh Juice

Yes, fresh juice is healthy, but the natural fruit sugars have the same eventual effect on the teeth. This is worth mentioning because drink merchants such as Jamba Juice often release their own holiday flavors using fall and/or winter fruits. Of course, we’re not advocating that you halt fruit consumption; just be sure to brush afterwards.

Make an Appointment Before the End of the Year

Don’t neglect your oral health just because it’s the holidays. Visit Silver Firs Dental to meet our dentists and keep up with your routine exams. The worst Christmas drinks for the teeth should be consumed in moderation or swapped out in favor of healthier alternatives.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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