3 Worst Thanksgiving Treats for Your Teeth

Worst Thanksgiving TreatsAlas, Thanksgiving is here again. This is a moment to reflect on everything you’re grateful for. Not to score some brownie points, but our family dentists are thankful for clients like you. We want you to be happy and healthy this holiday. This is why we compiled a list of worst Thanksgiving treats for your teeth. There are plenty of healthier alternatives.

Our List of Worst Thanksgiving Treats for Teeth

Starchy Bread

Bread rolls and croissants are a Thanksgiving mainstay. A soft bread roll with margarine is certainly a tasty side with with that cut of turkey. Here’s the problem: starch is equally as bad as sugar for your teeth since it converts into sugar in your mouth. We’re not saying you should ditch the bread, but we do recommend whole wheat alternatives.

Dried fruits

Dried cranberries, apricots, and mangoes are common side treats. People also use them as appetizers before serving the main course. Dried fruit still contains all its natural sugars. The fact that it’s dried makes it more likely to stick to your teeth. Instead, you should stick with whole fall fruit, such as cactus pears, crabapples, and passion fruit.

Caramel popcorn

Packaged caramel popcorn is another treat we see often. Popcorn in itself is usually bad, since it’s made with partially hydrogenated oils. Caramel popcorn is doubly bad because it also contains sticky sugar. Our rule of thumb? Anything that is sticky AND sugary is the worst of the worst for your teeth and dental implants. Instead, stick with unflavored, air-popped popcorn with a small pinch of sea salt.

Conclude Your Thanksgiving Meal with a Checkup

In the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, be sure to pay a visit to Silver Firs Dental. We provide helpful tips year-round, because healthy oral hygiene is a year-round endeavor. You should avoid the worst treats for Thanksgiving in favor of healthier substitutes.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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