Best Halloween Candy for Your Teeth

Best Candy for TeethThe title is actually a bit misleading. There really is no such thing as best Halloween candy for your teeth. There are, however, types of candy that are less harmful. Let’s face it; your children are going to be sinking their teeth into candy on Halloween, and you’re probably also going to indulge a bit on your children’s sugary stash. We understand this can’t be helped, which is why our family dentists recommend certain kinds of confections over others.

Best Candy for Your Teeth As Rated by Our Dentists

1. Sugar-Free Candy

Sugarless candy can still satisfy your sweet tooth. Such candy often contains xylitol, which, unlike sugar, is not food for bacteria. Most kids don’t even know the difference anyway. So feel free to swap out that Snickers for a sugar-free York Peppermint Patty.

2. Any Candy with Powdered Sugar

From a dental standpoint, powdered sugar is a bit less harmful because it dissolves more quickly. In fact, you can make some baked powdered treats and offer a trade-off with some of your children’s Halloween candy.

3. Pure Chocolate

Solid chocolate doesn’t remain long in the mouth. The keyword here, though, is “solid.” This means it shouldn’t have sugary and sticky fillings like caramel and nougat. Opt for solid chocolate or chocolate with nuts and almonds.

The Worst Offenders

Here’s a rule of thumb: if you have to make an effort to remove candy remnants from your teeth using your tongue, then stay away from it. This applies to just about all sticky candy that clings to your teeth, such as Tootsie Rolls and Starburst. These candies are even worse if you wear braces or Invisalign for obvious reasons.

Don’t Neglect Dental Visits This Fall

Make your next appointment with Silver Firs Dental and have your children meet our dentists. We like to get in the Halloween spirit and dress up, too. Guess what our favorite costume is? If you guessed dental scrubs, you guessed correctly.

As a final reminder, remember that the best Halloween candy for your teeth are not good, they’re just “less bad.”

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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