Are You Brushing Too Hard? Why this Can Be Detrimental for Your Oral Health

osborne-squareMany people have this idea that brushing vigorously helps remove stubborn plaque. Not only is brushing too hard unnecessary, but it can also do damage to your teeth and gums. Your general dentist may be able to tell if you’re brushing with too much force.

Why Brushing Too Hard Is Counterproductive

Hard brushing is a cause for a number of dental ailments. For one thing, it wears down the enamel. It can also damage and push back the gum lines, exposing the sensitive roots. Once the gums begin to recede, the area becomes prone to cavities and periodontal disease. Brushing really hard is also believed to be the cause for sensitive teeth. If this is something that you’ve only begun experiencing recently, then you may be brushing too hard. If you have dental implants, then they are also susceptible to premature wear from high-pressure brushing.

Finally, overzealous brushing may also lead to unintentional toothbrush abrasions. This may cause sore spots in the mouth that can later develop into painful canker sores.

Soften Up Your Brushing

It doesn’t take all your upper arm muscles to get in a good brush. Plaque adheres lightly to the surface of your teeth and can be removed with very little pressure. Apply gentle strokes. Here’s a good way to do this: make a habit out of holding the toothbrush with the tip of your fingers instead of clinching it with your entire fist. As for the toothbrush itself, switch over to a soft brush with rounded bristles.

The same principle applies if using an electric toothbrush. The brush should only be lightly touching the teeth surface. Most electric brush models actually have a warning light that will go on if you’re using too much pressure.

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