Deep Cleaning Vs. Regular Cleaning: The Difference Explained

osborne-square-dentalMost people are aware of the necessity of a regular cleaning, recommended every three to four months. Your general dentist may also recommend a deep cleaning about every two years or so. It helps to understand the difference between regular cleaning and deep cleaning. Both contribute immensely to your overall oral health.

Regular Dental Cleaning

Regular teeth cleanings are part of routine maintenance. The small space between the teeth and gums (known as pockets) are cleaned to rid the area of bacteria and tartar. Regular cleaning, combined with daily brushing, is usually enough to prevent the need for a deep cleaning.

Deep Cleaning for Better Oral Hygiene

Poor oral hygiene increases pocket size, thus allowing for more tartar to accumulate. When pocket size increases significantly, then you have periodontal disease. Deep pockets can also form around dental implants. In any case, a deep cleaning (also known as scaling) is required. The cleaning procedure is similar to a regular cleaning. However, an antibiotic gel is also administered to remove bacteria buildup from the pockets. This is followed by the pockets being rinsed with chlorhexidine or a similar medication.

Deep pockets are a health liability. If bacteria are allowed to build up, the gums may become inflamed and swollen. This can progress further down the gums and eventually lead to bone deterioration and loss.

Since deep cleaning is preventable with regular cleaning, your insurance may not cover it or only foot part of the cost. Upon a checkup, your dentist determines whether you’ll require a deep cleaning at regular intervals.

We Perform Both Dental Cleaning Methods

Our dentists at Silver Firs Dental performs both type of cleanings. Our CareCredit program makes payment manageable if you require financing assistance. Regular cleanings and deep cleanings are both important, so be sure to keep up with your appointments and follow your dentist’s advice.
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